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24 x 24 Oil and Mirror Tiles on Canvas

"Redemption From Suffering" 20 x 20 Oil and Mirror Tile On Canvas

Flowers grow out of a purple vase. The flowers cry, the tears pooling into the water which then replenishes the vase, and therefore nourishes the flowers.

This painting is a study on resilience. The mirror frames includes the viewer, reminding them that they are resilient, and that our struggles help us to grow and flourish. Double helixes on the top out edge of the mirror frame represent resilience through time, and love healing generational patterns or trauma. Roots break from seed as it sprouts deterministically.

This Concept was created between the moon cycle where we experienced the full eclipse- I included it as a reminder that the light is never gone, just hidden, and it always returns.

Purchase of Original includes Certificate of Authenticy and Shipping within the US.

Photos by the kind and talented @phebesphotos


Redemption from Suffering 20 x 20 ORIGINAL

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