First Post-Introduction to the blog, and myself

In high school, spending as many classes as possible down in the art room, I never saw myself as someone who would one day run a small creative business on her own, who would have something to say, and people who wanted to listen. I loved writing and art, but always felt unsure of what to put down on paper, like an imposter who had not yet experienced enough life to be able to interpret it. In fact this turned out to be a running theme in my life. I remember singing "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by the Fugees, recalling my vocal teacher talking about how when you hear a singer who has really experienced the deep pain of a song it just hits differently. I couldn't wait until I had loved and lost or even just loved--- and could sing like that.

I won't get into the meat of my story today, but the moral is, I was wrong in feeling that way- and hell, maybe somedays your art doesn't have a message. Maybe you are feeling anxious, and go for a walk, find a nice tree and decide to draw it. Maybe it doesn't look like a tree, but you notice that in the whole time you were drawing it, you were able to move on from or just quiet those thoughts. Even in just that case, art is worth it. Maybe it's after you have painted 1000 trees, and you find yourself painting the family of a bride and groom as they get married. You get the expressions on their face just perfect, bring it to life in a way photography never could. You just painted what you saw, but the sight is so beautiful, it fills your heart with love. That last brushstroke on the canvas is bittersweet. Art is so worth it.

I have learned so many skills, and received so much abundance through my work. Even more than that, I've learned that it's best to get mistakes over with, because they are the best learning tool, and no one starts out great. I believe everyone out there should be told they don't need permission to create, how much it could benefit them. In time this message will spread, so will healing. For now, I will keep creating, and enjoy the ride.

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