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Intentionally Designed by

Hannah Rose Schlieder

Fine Art- Events - Home Decor - Jewelry

Meet the Artist

Welcome! My name is Hannah Rose Schlieder, I am a New England based Multimedia Artist, currently living New Bedford- I have been creating and performing music most of my life, and started creating professionally and live painting in 2018. I believe in our society, there is a lack of intention, soul and quality in our products, so I focus on these sectors to bring my clients lasting results  they can treasure for years to come. I am a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to creation- so I will break my skills into a few sections to keep it simple! 

When I create, I explore themes of biology, history, mythology and consciousness. My goal in creation is to pour from the heart to make truly unforgettable additions to your home, clinic, or business. Some pieces have specific uses, I.E. To connect you to your higher self, start conversation,  or to look your self in the face and know "I AM Resilient" Art has been a huge catalyst in my life for emotional growth and self confidence, and I hope my pieces can inspire this in others.


My originals are for collectors- conversation pieces for your space- and all come with a Certificate of Authenticity. I use a variety of mediums from oil paint to clay, and also make clothing and prints a few times a year. For these heart works- I perform under the moniker "Han Paints On Things" - Say hi if you see me out!

I started painting at festivals and concerts across New England naturally- mostly because I just paint wherever I go! From there- I received unbelievable support. I am lucky to paint at all sorts of concerts, fundraisers, and events- completing paintings in 6-8 hour time frame- & recently, I was blessed by being welcomed into more intimate events (weddings, baby showers) to create real time documentation of these events unfolding.

I love painting but its a very intimate process for me so often I only finish 6 to 10 oil paintings a year at home. I wanted to make my love of intentional design my available to any household, and hold deeply rooted love for interior design and fashion. In 2021, I started creating custom gemstone jewelry for friends and clients under the name Anthos of Eden. It has since expanded to be a collection of intentional jewelry and conversational home decor pieces (Think Rugs & Funky Lampshades). You know me, in my cave(home) all cozy creating whatever beautiful thing inspires me!


Finally, I am always down to try new creative projects, and have experience to back it! I create in multimedia format, helping people do everything from publishing e-books and websites to designing album covers. I also have created visual resources for workplaces training materials, and authors conveying their research visually (reference materials). And Founded the immersive visionary art & research magazine "The Conscious Collective" - a publication that features a rotating panel of international creatives and researchers, sharing their unique work and perspectives. It's been a gift to me to weave a web of connection across communities, meeting people I never otherwise would've had the honor to. 

I am a young multifaceted woman artist trying to build a life for myself centered around creation, learning and family. This is my little passion project I hope to grow with years of consistency, and dedication. Your support means the world to me, so thank you!


Painting of Portal Psychedelic Manifestation Art for Altar
New England Live Event Painter

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